Banki Project

Language: Ruby

Winner of the 'Change Banking for Good' prize by Capital One



Banki interface

Banki is an interactive banking site, designed to make saving money easy and fun. You have to look after and care for your Banki by buying items from the shop. When you buy items from the shop, it transfers money from your current account into savings and keeps your Banki happy. Users can set a savings goal, and the Banki will evolve and grow as the goal gets closer to completion.

My Contribution

In this project, I drew all of the graphic objects.


Pea shaped character
This character jumps up and down.
Melting character
This character has a melting action.
Blob shaped character
This character displays a heart icon.
Jelly shaped character
This character also jumps up and down.

Shop Items

First rug design
Rug 1
Second rug design
Rug 2
Third rug design
Rug 3
Fourth rug design
Rug 4
Fifth rug design
Rug 5
First coffee table design
Coffee Table 1
Second coffee table design
Coffee Table 2
Third coffee table design
Coffee Table 3
First sofa design
Sofa 1
Second sofa design
Sofa 2
Third sofa design
Sofa 3
First bed design
Bed 1
Second bed design
Bed 2
Bookcase design
Television design
TV Set